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Nate richert dating

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In 2003, she also released a well-received memoir, Melissa Explains It All: Tales from My Abnormally Normal Life, in which she talked about growing up in the spotlight and revealed her shocking days of drugs and partying in her early 20s.She recalled partying with NSYNC, Tori Spelling, and Britney Spears — whom she helped sneak out once when the then-teen was still watched closely by minders — and kissing Ryan Reynolds, whose 'lips were pretty wonderful'.

The smooch happened when they were filming a Sabrina The Teenage Witch movie almost 20 years ago, but Melissa has revealed her confession wouldn't have shocked Blake - who has been married to Ryan since September 2012.First, we’ll start with the man she left at the altar (only to find Harvey waiting for her outside of the church)…Homeboy looks *very* different nowadays, but we’re digging that artful mustache, tbh.Shortly after the show wrapped in 2002, she married musician Mark Wilkerson and the two went on to have three sons.She's continued acting — mostly notably in the ABC Family series Melissa & Joey and TV movies like My Fake Fiance and Holiday in Handcuffs.Sabrina's high school boyfriend, Harvey Kinkle, was the ultimate clean-cut 'good guy' — who even risked his life through a death-defying obstacle course to compete for her love while no longer under her 'spell'.

So it was quite a surprise when, in 2013, a picture of the actor looking decidedly un-clean-cut surfaced on the internet.

The character itself was played by three different animatronic cats and a few live ones directed by a trainer — and with a bit of TV magic (ahem), they became a single man-trapped-in-a-kitty's-body.

Salem the 'man', though, was voiced by Nick Bakey, who also voiced Norbert on Nickelodeon's Angry Beavers.

The actor and musician, now 38, seems to be focused on his music as of late, producing albums on which he sings vocals and plays guitar, banjo, and harmonica.

It's hard to believe that 20 years ago, a young witch named Sabrina turned 16, levitated from her bed in her sleep, and saw her life change forever.

Nick works as a screenwriter as well, and co-wrote Paul Blart: Mall Cop, its sequel, and Zookeeper.