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In high school, when you liked someone, you asked him or her out in a simple way. This is the world in which we no longer have to sift through an endless catalog of options. The dating world is real, and it's right in front of you every single day. The long-lost ‘history’ of prehistoric Britain, including our island’s first wars, is being re-discovered - courtesy of innovations in computer programming as well as archaeology.

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I'm about to blow your mind right now: Did you know that when a stranger talks to you, 99 percent of the time, he or she is harmless and just interested in your response? It could be as simple as commenting on an item the good-looking stranger is eyeing in the grocery aisle. Remember when we used to send those dorky notes to our crushes at school? Pick yes, no or maybe.”We would create boxes for our objects of affection to check off accordingly.It's also because we were engaged in our surroundings.When we went to our lockers between periods, we would engage the people we saw along the way.This person just wants to engage with other humans. For example: “I've been meaning to try that coffee. ” is the same as “Hey, I need help on chapter three of our homework.” Be creative, or be simple. Well, maybe don't do that because it would be creepy.But, we could all stand to see more acts of courage while we attempt to connect in real life. Life is too short to spend hiding your face in your smartphone.It's hard to seem approachable when you suffer from resting bitch face or are just a stressed out adult in general.

But even through the sour pouts, make sure to smile and give off good eye contact and body language.

Using newly refined computer systems, developed over recent years by programmers at Oxford University, archaeologists from English Heritage and Cardiff University have for the first time been able to fairly accurately date individual prehistoric battles, migrations and building construction projects.

After eight years of research, the team has been able to create a ‘historical’ chronology for the first 700 years of settled life in Britain.

We've grown accustomed to not facing rejection square in the eyes, leaving us with the power to conceal our emotions.

We've grown accustomed to disappearing off the face of another person's earth, simply by ghosting reality and running from communication.

I was finally disconnected, and I wasn't alone in my choice. Some of us have chosen all along to hold on to our old-fashioned techniques. We are the ones who have relied solely on apps like Tinder and Ok Cupid to make connections in our busy lives, and we're trying to figure out how to reconnect.