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Nice guys guide to dating

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Any woman who has lived in a city long enough knows that after you have found a social niche and dated around a bit, the well can start to feel a bit dry. ) The rest will advise you to "pursue a hobby you like and meet similar people through that." Am I the only woman out there who found myself wishing I had a passion for men’s pickup basketball?Where do you go to meet men when your routine seems to put you in front of the same ten unavailable or undateable guys every day? It seems to me that simply “doing what you love” isn’t necessarily going to put you in front of dateable men.

When I moved to Arizona in 2014, I wasn’t exactly what you would call an “outdoorsy” girl, but because there are so many great trails in Phoenix, I decided to give it a try.I went out and was surrounded by couples—but so was the one other single guy who came.Naturally he paid special attention to me and ended up asking me for my number.When sending yourself out into the world—whether it’s to an event, a cooking class, a bar or a new office—don’t go into it with the sole purpose of meeting a single guy.Not because you won’t, but because if you As someone who currently lives this reality every day, I’ve benefited a lot from adjusting my definition of being “out there” and “trying.” I read a great book earlier this year called Meeting Your Half-Orange.The experience showed me that participating in the activities I enjoy, with the people I love (regardless of their marital status), does in fact allow me to meet a quality guy.

Bonus: If the guy is already friends with one of your friends, then you can trust he’s been vetted.

Ugh that was harsh, but you're never gonna win nice guys.

When it comes to dating, things are never as easy as they should be.

The book is built around the concept of "Dating Optimism," and at the beginning essentially asks the reader: “What would you do with your life and your time if you knew for certain that you would meet your Mr. ” There are all kinds of mentality components to the book’s advice, but my biggest take-away was that it’s not just about “going out there and doing you” but also feeling as good about yourself as you can in every choice you make and then making a conscious effort to radiate those good vibes everywhere you go, because others will pick up on them.

Cut yourself a little slack the next time you decide you’d rather stay in and host a solo live.

It’s really refreshing to engage with those around you and the tiniest smile (literally mine is just an upward curve of my lips) tells a guy that you’re available to talk to!