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Nintex error updating a list item

nintex error updating a list item-59

The Doublecheck script: Because of the first characters in username (for example “i:0#.w|…“) especially the “#“, the script never returned the correct “user” it always stopped after the “#”.Now we did the following…in the doublecheck script within the function “get List Items” we changed the line “url:” to…url: siteurl “/_api/web/lists/getbytitle(‘” list Name “‘)/items?

Crashing and throwing unknown multiple kind of errors in event viewer. The Un Register does add the unregistered entry but it still also remains in the Attendees list.Then the check for a new Register always tell that you are still registered and shows the Un Register and hides the Register link.. I think it should be deleted in Attendees when unregistering, shouldn’t it?The “Login Name” is the display name from Active Directory that was extracted from SP.Thus it was mentioned in the beginning about AD sync with SP.The following is the Java Script to accomplish the duplicate check.=============== Beginning of Script to check for duplication =================================== End of Script to check for duplication ========================Hope this helps you out in the right direction.

Create a Query String for Un Register List Use the same steps you did for Attendees list and apply the steps to the Un Register list Copy / Add / Modify to current Java Script Open your current Java Script from the blog and copy the first function that has the Open Land LRegistration, copy that entire function and paste it.

(5130) ========== Copy all lines below, Remember replace our Site URL ============================ Copy all lines above ===================So, now when you create an event, it will show up in the Calendar view as it should normally.

When a user wants to register for the event, they will click on the hyperlink to the event created and another window will open.

The “User Name” field has a default value assigned from the “User Information List” query, mentioned above earlier.

After it does the query, you can set the default value.

Now the end users can add a new meeting in the Calendar (make sure they know to set the amount of seats available).