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A: Yes, a cap of 63 paid semester hours (or 95 quarter hours) for certificate and diploma programs for the HOPE Grant Program and 127 semester hours (or 190 quarter hours) for degree programs for the HOPE Scholarship Program.

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(Document links below) STEP THREE – Obtain three separate money orders Your visit to the License and Permit Unit would be expedited if you came prepared to pay the three fees via money order.A: Yes, click here for information regarding the William D. Also watch the short video on responsible loan borrowing. Your Financial Aid eligibility will determine whether or not you have enough funds to cover mandatory fees.Q: Do I need to be admitted before I can apply for Financial Aid? You can apply for Financial Aid anytime and it is highly recommended that you apply for aid by March 1 week of the semester and all funds will be issued on your Bank Mobile Card. Q: If I start out as a Diploma or Certificate student and later change to an Associate Degree, can I still receive HOPE Funds?If you reach 127 combined hours before you reach paid 63 grant hours, you lose your eligibility for grant hours. It offers exposure to real work experiences, development of positive work ethics and time management skills.Q: Do I have to be a full time student to get Financial Aid? Recipients must maintain a cumulative grade point average (GPA) of 2.0 or greater and a 67% completion rate. A: Click here to download the work-study application.A: Students are encouraged to check their Financial Aid status through their Student Portal regularly for any updates. Please click here for information about verification and how to contact the IRS. A: It may affect the type of aid you are eligible for (i.e., if you change your degree status from Diploma to Associate).

Q: Why do I have to include my parent’s income if I no longer live with them or they do not support me?

Those who fail to complete the official withdrawal form may be withdrawn from the program for lack of attendance.

About the Adult Entertainment Permits The City of Atlanta Police Department License and Permit Unit regulates adult entertainment to ensure that applicants fulfill the age requirement and have not had any prior convictions, in addition to other aspects of the Atlanta Municipal Code. Everyone who is working inside the adult entertainment establishment is required to obtain an adult entertainment permit, including the owner.

Click here on more information regarding your Bank Mobile Card.

Q: What happens if I have to quit ATC because of personal or other reasons, will I be eligible for aid the following semester? A: It depends on your satisfactory academic progress (SAP) status at the time of withdrawal.

Funds must be on separate money orders/cashier’s checks in the amounts listed.