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Norton 360 some products not updating

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CNET also highlighted the lack of wireless network tools, such as notifying users when someone uninvited joins the network or help encrypting wireless signals.

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The toolbar does not share code with the toolbar, which was classified as spyware by Mc Afee, Trend Micro, and other antivirus vendors.However, reviewers highlighted the lack of manual control for advanced users.CNET noted the lack of phishing protection for browsers other than Internet Explorer, such as Mozilla Firefox.The backup and restore functionality allowed users to back up files online or to a hard drive, CD, or DVD.Performance optimization tools allowed users to clear web browser history and temporary files.System requirements remain the same as version 1.0.

PC Magazine found the spam filter to be inaccurate, with a 25 percent false positive rate.

A registry cleaner is bundled with the performance tools, allowing the user to remove invalid entries. Supplementing the phishing protection is the Norton Identity Safe, which stores login credentials to websites.

A network map allows users to view the status of other Norton installations on networked computers and view basic information about each computer.

Due to criticism of the search functionality, Symantec announced the search box would be hidden in future releases of version 3.0.

The capability to back up files to a flash drive was introduced in this release.

Users can restore individual files using the drag-and-drop technique.