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Online dating guest book

Give your guests something stunning to scrawl their names on by designing a piece of graphic art.

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Click Edit in the top toolbar to open your collage in the Editor, where you can add the numerals that make up your wedding date.Witness the transformation yourself, with these alternative wedding guest book ideas.Once you find the one that’s right for you, promise to love, honor, and cherish it.Check out Shape Cutouts in the Frames tab, and you’ll be all done in approximately six clicks.If you don’t see the form of your dreams there, follow the steps in this text masking tutorial to whip your image into any shape you like.Crop your favorite image into a shape to create a guest non-book that’s both fun and frameable.

How do you crop an image into a shape other than a square, you ask?

Set out ink pads in a killer color scheme and a few pens, then let your guests channel their inner Ed Emberley.

Just don’t forget the wet wipes, or risk an inky finger/formal attire fiasco.

Likewise the cleaning staff who kept the place looking immaculate. The manager allowed us to transfer without any problem from the Arbatax cottage where we were staying as we felt this was a quieter hotel for us.

There were problems on the evening of our arrival, but they were resolved, thanks to the management. The staff were all very helpful and the views from the hotel some of the best I have ever had in a hotel.

Or maybe just take a look at it once in awhile and relive the joy of your first day as a married couple.