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Outlook not updating calendar schedules

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First, check the online calendars for appointments: If you see appointments online but not in your Outlook app, you'll need to add the or Office 365 account in Outlook.If you're using our 2-way syncing for Office 365, or Exchange be sure the box to "block off time in Acuity from ..." is checked: If you've already got blocking enabled, check the "Free" vs. We'll only block off time in Acuity from events which are "Busy" in Outlook.

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If you email the event to the email address as an invitee, then any time you send out an update, that update will be reflected on the Share Point calendar. If you're still unable to connect, our 1-way subscription is an option!After connecting, appointments from Acuity sync within a couple minutes (usually right away! If you don't see your Acuity appointments after a few minutes, the problem is usually a connection between or Office 365's online calendar and your Outlook app.To remove the 1-way Acuity subscription from Outlook, right click it in the list of calendars in the Navigation Pane, and select "Delete".Syncing with Exchange Public Folders is not supported at this time.Unfortunately Outlook for Mac does not support internet calendar subscriptions, and our 1-way subscription will not work.

If you were using our 1-way Subscription before connecting the 2-way sync, you will continue to see appointments from the 1-way Subscription until you remove it.

If you're still having trouble, please contact us and let us know a specific event name, date and time that isn't syncing into Acuity Scheduling or your Outlook calendar.

Note: Delegate permissions are used when you want someone else to help you manage your calendar and track events.

Because everyone in my office uses outlook we copy meetings from the Share Point calendar to each persons outlook calendar.

This lets us see who is busy in the Share Point calendar and when using the Scheduling Assistant in Outlook. If I update a meeting in Outlook, the update doesn't change the Share Point event (and vice versa).

Hiding Outlook private event details from Acuity is not currently supported.