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The Union Oyster House, located on the Freedom Trail, near Faneuil Hall, enjoys the unique distinction of being America's oldest restaurant.This Boston fixture, housed in a building dating back to Pre-Revolutionary days, started serving food in 1826 and has continued ever since with the stalls and oyster bar, where Daniel Webster was a constant customer, in their original positions.

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For more information on how to get to Windsor, click here.The oysters are critical to cleaning the water and providing habitat and food for up to 300 estuarine species. This is how natural oyster reefs form, as spat glue themselves to existing shell, from both live and dead oysters, in our estuaries. monitors the development and health of natural and constructed oyster reefs to evaluate the success of our oyster restoration projects. Help us continue our mission to "inspire environmental stewardship of Florida's coastal ecosystems through education, research and advocacy."To register as a volunteer with Florida Oceanographic, please complete our online volunteer application. Used, shucked shells are the foundation of oyster reef construction.The Oyster Card is the most flexible way of travelling around London as it covers your transport needs with one electronic ticket.It's simple and easy to use, and is activated upon entry at a ticket barrier located in the stations.This includes travel to and from Heathrow Airport and London City Airport.

So if you have chosen to get your Oyster Travelcard sent out to you before you arrive, you can use it to get into London.

Using your Oyster Card to travel into Central London from Gatwick will incur a higher charge (up to £19.80 one-way on the Gatwick Express, for example) so we would advise against using it from this airport.

Travel from Luton and Stanstead Airports is not included.

By placing shell recycled from restaurants on the sea floor, we are jump-starting the process of creating a new oyster reef, while at the same time saving this precious resource from the landfill. We measure growth and survival of oysters, along with biodiversity of oyster reefs. If you have any questions please contact Rosemary Badger at [email protected] or call 772-225-0505 ext.

Available shell is often the most limiting factor in restoring oyster reefs, and so recycling used shell ensures a consistent source of substrate for oyster restoration. We also compare different restoration methods (such as larval seeding) on reef success.

Up next: Oyster Card Value "My boyfriend and I purchased the London Pass ahead of time to use when we got to London and it was wonderful for public transport, avoiding cues and accessing all the sites without having to fawk out cash or paying per site.