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Patrick tango hunter dating

Tango and New York reunited to Macy Gray's "Glad You're Here" after not being able to see each other after the finale.Never before seen clips were shown of New York's reaction to Tango's proposal.

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The producers of I Love New York found him via his My Space page.Her mother, Sister Patterson, found the ring and said it was too small.Tango became upset after watching the show and the comments New York made about his mother being too plain and overweight during the season's penultimate episode.La La then asked New York if she knew in advance about Tango's decision to end the relationship to which New York replied that she did not.It was later revealed on VH1's website that Tango had already forgiven New York for her remarks about his mother and a number of people speculated that the angry attitude about her disrespecting his mother on the reunion show was just a plot to get himself out of the relationship with New York.He then went to get his "mother-in-law" while she still was confused and requested a drink.

In an attempt to not tell her mother about the engagement, she hid the engagement ring in her mouth.

During the show, Tango was considered the rough, yet sensitive suitor.

Before his appearance on the reality show, Tango was a songwriter and co-owner of a Tampa, Florida-based independent record label.

Want to know who went on to do porn and who is engaged to an Oscar winner?

Hunter, also known as Tango, (born July 30, 1979) is best known for his role on VH1's Bachelor-style dating show I Love New York, and was the winner of the 20 contenders vying for the affections of Tiffany "New York" Pollard in the first season of the series.

Born in Tampa, Tango was discovered by VH1 producers through his Myspace page.