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The Australian Memorial Park in Bullecourt honours those courageous Diggers who lost their lives in these two events of the Battle of Arras.###RELATED_POINT### Know more about the site Etaples military cemetery The final resting place of almost 11,500 soldiers, Étaples Military Cemetery is all that remains of a vast hospital complex which was set up to treat the wounded and evacuated troops of the British Army during the Great War.

Those who did not recover were buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery which today contains nearly 6,000 graves, including those of 140 men of the Portuguese Expeditionary Force who fought in Flanders under British command from November 1917 until the end of the war.###RELATED_POINT### Know more about the site NÉcropole nationale de notre-dame de lorette In May 1915, French troops attempted to wrest control of the Artois Hills from the German Army.They failed at Vimy Ridge but succeeded in retaking Lorette Spur, at a cost of 102,000 men.A new town centre raised from the embers In the aftermath of the war it was clear that the town centre had to be rebuilt because more than half of the houses had been destroyed and the town hall was greatly damaged.A committee comprising elected representatives, engineers, architects and artists decided to completely rethink the area and entrusted the task to architect Pierre Leprince-Ringuet who drew up a new and modern layout for the centre.Seclin never saw action because Lille was declared an 'open city' on 1 August 1914 and subsequently occupied by the Germans in October later that year.

Patiently restored by the Boniface Family since 1996, Seclin Fort is today home to the Artillery Museum.

Around the town hall, which he had rebuilt in its original 18th-century style, Leprince-Ringuet grouped together the various different activities of the town: the court, the chamber of commerce and the post office were placed around République Square; the prefectural offices were rebuilt on Fénelon Square; and the shopping district was concentrated around Armes Square, in Flemish-style buildings.

In all, a multitude of squares and streets were built and enlarged to facilitate the movement of traffic and make Cambrai the modern but characterful town it is today.

Today the tunnels of Wellington Quarry are open to the public and invite the visitor to discover the gripping story of the Battle of Arras.

###RELATED_POINT### Know more about the site Fort de seclin Designed by General Séré de Rivières to defend the Belgian border, Seclin Fort is one of nineteen fortifications which were built around the city of Lille after the defeat of 1871.

Organized into Labour Corps, these non-military workers carried out manual tasks for the British Army in the ports and depots which supplied the soldiers at the Front.