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Perfect email for online dating

As part of a series of online dating advice videos, dating coach and Your Tango Expert Julie Spira shows you how to compose an introductory email that will catch the attention of a guy you're interested in (and will inevitably get you a reply).

The perfect introductory email has taken me years of trial and error to develop, and got so good that at one point my response rate was up to 50%. It’s my best friend, and I know every step of it by heart.Without any doubt, nothing can be worse than to write witty and sharp email and send it off only for re-reading it and finding that you actually made a basis typo.In fact, those typos certainly point out a lack of care and sloppiness.And so finally you have actually found the right and proper kind of online dating web site which you were searching for, besides, you have spent some time on your personal profile, perhaps, even shown it to your good friends or also consulted with an expert.And after that you’ve browsed some pages of members’ profiles and selected several individuals in whom you are really interested.If you’ve got a great rack, just come out and say it, guys will probably forgive you. Should you use my formula to go out with as many people as possible to just feed your ego or get laid, then it won’t work.

You’ll cut corners in paragraph one, your reader will know, and you’ll be done.

And the world will hate you and a horn will grow out of your head.

But use this it to increase your chances of finding the person that’s right for you, and the Gods of love and Internet will smile down upon you. If so, let me spoil the surprise – she ain’t writing back. For more, buy my new book Not a Match: My True Tales of Online Dating Disasters.

If I ever get sent to some awful prison in a Midnight Express-type situation, my introductory email is what I will recite in my head to keep myself sane.

Some men put their children on their knee and tell them about the time they scored the game-winning touchdown in the big homecoming game, I will tell my son about the time I created the perfect email that let me meet only fantastic women. Now I pass on the formula to you, guard it with your lives.

When I joined a few years ago, it was for one girl: Shadoe987. So lovely, so innocent, so eccentric in her spelling choices.