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Pioneer updating xm

When you put the Inno in its cradle, the screen and keypad rotate to match.

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I wonder how much trouble it would have been to include a proper power jack, instead of giving us another small (and probably impossible to buy separately) item to lose?The Inno does have a 10 minute buffer for live XM, but it is used only for recording.Instead of the numbered presets most satellite radios have, the Inno has a list of favorite channels which always shows up first when you press the right arrow key.Unlike most XM radios, the Inno comes with a home docking kit instead of a car kit, probably because they expect you to carry it around and charge the battery at home.The complete list of accessories in the box is: The car kit is available for around $70 and includes everything you need to set up the Inno in your vehicle, including a cradle, antenna, remote, cassette adapter, 12V power adapter, and mounting hardware.It’s even possible to pick up the XM satellite signal a short distance indoors, if there is a south-facing window nearby.

I haven’t managed to run the battery down yet, but power consumption on live XM seems like it is in line with the quoted 4-5 hours of listening.

Although portable satellite receivers have been around for a few years, recent models have matured considerably compared to some of their predecessors.

In this review, we’ll be covering the Pioneer Inno, XM’s top of the line portable receiver.

When one of your selected artists or songs is played anywhere on XM, the Inno will beep (an actual beep from the device, not a sound in the headphones) and let you know, and you can switch directly to it.

You can also bookmark tracks for later purchase in the XM Napster software (which I will explain in more detail below).

The Inno is roughly the same size as other portable music players.