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Undoubtedly, the growth in this sector has been supported by readily available investment incentives.Businesses implementing new projects or expanding their activities can rely on various forms of regional aid.

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On the one hand, it is worth due to the rapidly developing market and the increase of domestic demand.The vast majority of this amount comes from sales of computer equipment.However, it is IT services (through booming outsourcing) and software distribution that shows pronounced growth.Support instruments include non-repayable grants, from the state budget and those co-financed with EU funds.There is exemption from income tax in Special Economic Zones and various local tax exemptions.Foreign companies tend to be focused on major academic centres, but a vast number of projects are carried out in other large (over 300,000 inhabitants) urban centres.

A good example is the company Sii which provides IT services.

Financial aid based on the EU Multiannual Financial Framework 2014 - 2020 is a potential source for the further development of accessibility and information infrastructure quality.

One of the State Programme on Integrated Informatization’s priorities is the process of public administration modernization aimed at creating broadly accessible and citizen-friendly offices.

Academic institutions are strengthening their cooperation with businesses which results in tailor made internships, attractive curriculums in line with market expectations and the opportunity to a start career during studies.

Investors interested in expanding their business in Poland may have a dilemma when deciding on the final location of their project.

Currently, the Polish branch employs more than 1,200 professionals in the capital city, Gdańsk, Kraków, Wrocław, Poznań and Łódź.