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She simply cannot find a satisfying relationship in this time of fast one night stands.Her mother (Gena Rowlands) is supportive of her plight and her best friend Audrey (Drea De Mateo, proving that she indeed is a fine actress) who is supposedly in a 'good marriage' with Mark (Tom Guinee) understands her needs and is willing to help, but all Nora can end up with are losers like mouthy actor Nick Gable (Justin Theroux) and morning after hangovers - until she encounters Frenchman Julien (Melvil Poupaud).

to say i enjoyed broken English would be an understatement. a bit slow for your average audience, i found it was wonderfully acted, awkward, painful, poignant, sad, realistic, and thankfully not your typical Hollywood ending!It adds to the movie and to its subtle introspection.As Nora Wilder in Zoe Cassavetes' directorial debut, Parker Posey is like Kathryn Hepburn on Valium. But she's beautiful, and men tell her so repeatedly.And he's perfect.' Broken English' is another American ode to Paris and French men. He comes on strong, leaning over Nora with fedora and T shirt, cigarette in hand, but he's nice, and he means it.Most essentially for the depressed, insecure Nora, Julien is without hang-ups.He knows she's nutty, but he's ready to deal with it.

The brief Nora-Julien affair, a few days of very good times and one Nora panic attack, ends because Julien has to go back to France. He urges her to run away with him; again he appears to mean it.

In Paris the two women search but cannot find Julien, but what Nora finds is herself - and that is rewarded by a climax that brings the film to a satisfying close.

Though Parker Posey has given us some excellent independent film roles in the past, nothing can match the magic she brings to this role.

Her friend Audrey (Sopranos' Drea de Metteo) is five years into a seemingly perfect but actually crumbling marriage. Is her job as a trouble-shooter and event organizer for a hip new downtown New York hotel glamorous, or a dead-end bore?

What's obvious (and a very American romantic film premise) is that she's well into her thirties and not married.

She can't manage that but soon quits her job and goes to Paris with Audrey.