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Pretty girls dating ugly men

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He may be having a very good sense of humor and every girl want their ‘Mr. That’s why many times the less handsome are more intelligent and self-confident.

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A study published recently found some of the reasons why beautiful women choose ugly guys as their boyfriends.There are various factors a woman looks in their possible partner like whether he is smart, confident, keeps her smiling, can he be trusted, can he supportive and the list goes on.A woman may date several sexy guys, but when it comes to settle and marry, they will choose the one who has the qualities above.Penis size does not fit on this point, it is all about seduction and impressive antics in bed which results in memorable and healthy sex life for both.For many men, physical beauty is the major factor when it comes to attraction.A study reveals that women who marry not so good looking men have longer lasting marriages than who choose handsome men.

It’s a study published in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology says that when an unattractive man has a pretty wife, he twice strives to treat her well and please her.

Do you have a doubt on why beautiful women choose ugly guys as their boyfriend or husband?

Check out some of the reasons why women prefer unattractive guys.

In general the above questions have varied answers like maybe the guy is a millionaire (the most simplistic of all) or perhaps his personality is magnetic.

Maybe attractiveness is a plus sign to attract women but when it comes to serious relationship, many women prefer average looking guys.

But an ugly is almost more aware to be lucky to be with a beautiful woman and will do anything to keep her happy.