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Push button dating rapidshare

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or one in the family chamber, to be lighted from the bedside chamber door, are all luxuries which, after accustomed use, become necessities to household comfort." As the 19th century gave way to the 20th the push-button would become more associated with the the electrical rather than gas-driven promises of the future.

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In the world of tomorrow you'll just push a button to clean the house. Meanwhile, his wife Jane complains of "push-button finger," a malady that strikes the homemaker of the future who pushes maybe half a dozen buttons in the course of a day.Plotnick explains: In order to sell this vision of electricity, experts often relied on tropes of magic and effortlessness to embody users' experiences with buttons.In 1916, for example, the Society for Electrical Development chose a poster for "America's Electrical Week" from among 781 entries that whimsically celebrated the benefits of button-powered electricity.If you don’t make the button wide enough, its title gets clipped. Capitalize every word except articles, coordinating conjunctions, and prepositions of four or fewer letters. An action-specific title shows that the button is interactive and says what happens when you click it.For example, Include a trailing ellipsis in the title when a push button opens another window, dialog, or app.A push button appears within a view and initiates an instantaneous app-specific action, such as printing a document or deleting a file.

Push buttons contain text—not icons—and often open a separate window, dialog, or app so the user can complete a task.

George Jetson's push-button world of leisure (from the first episode of Whether it was for ringing doorbells, illuminating lamps, hailing domestic servants, or turning on any number of new electrical appliances, the push button arrived in full force as an interface that was supposed to save time and generally make life easier.

Just push a button, and it's all done automatically!

An electrician, in a positive endorsement of the poster, enthused: "Gone is the ancient lamp.

Now it is the gentle touch of a button and forthwith comes the Genie, Electricity." The campaign and its admirers indicated that users needed no knowledge or skill to make electrical miracles possible, as long as a button stood at hand.

But the promise of the push-button as the gateway to a life of leisure has its origins far earlier than the Space Age.