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Read double your dating

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Second, a guy needs to be taught the means by which to present the best version of himself. Finally, the dating process itself is given an overview.A dating course that promises more dates (or at least its name implies as much) has set its own bar high.

They simply solicited women for their contact details in a good-smelling area of a shopping mall. So make your requests in an area with a pleasant and ambient fragrance.The researchers selected attractive men because it’s not likely for a woman to accept a date request from a random stranger…unless they were attractive enough for her to consider it.The main take-away from this experiment is the importance of Planning to propose?Ensure you pick a place that has a warm and beautiful smell. pick a spot that has a more pleasant fragrance than a bakery in a shopping mall! Click here – I’m designing a science based fragrance line for men that helps them use fragrance to their advantage in dating and business.200 were approached in neutral or unpleasant-smelling locations.

The results when the phone number was request in a pleasant-smelling area of the mall… Nothing else mattered – they men were all equally charming, attractive and smooth.

All it takes is a whiff of a pleasant scent and you’ll double your chances of getting a date….at least her phone number! How did the researchers I cite come to this conclusion? Click Here To Watch The Youtube Video Double Your Chances Of Getting A Date Click Here To Watch Positive Effect Of Positive Smells On Women A 2012 study conducted in France set out to show that women exposed to a pleasant and ambient fragrance are more receptive to courtship requests from men.

They’ll use just about any trick to use fragrance as a secret weapon.

It is not an idle claim, and is the claim against which it should be measured.

Is there a methodology here that will give guys a better chance at success with women?

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