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Ridiculous dating advice

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So who better to ask for dating advice than Wolfe herself?Grazia sat down with the inspiring entrepreneur to get the lowdown on how to make the most of dating apps. However, I would say it's safer than meeting someone at a bar.

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Namely that it’s ‘weird’ meeting someone online; that it’s dangerous to meet strangers you don’t know; that it’s shallow judging people on looks as if it’s a game.Whatever your feelings about online dating – you can’t deny the facts.A third of people who got married between 20 met online, while married couples who met online are less likely to get divorced.It’s all about online accountability, and taking away that feeling that it isn’t real life, when it is.Like we said, it's a very different dating app.So, Alex, for example, when she logs into her Bumble it will ask her if she wants to take 30 seconds to quickly verify herself.

She will take a selfie which is only seen by our moderators and she has to mimic the gesture that the phone shows her.

Therefore, lets expedite that, let’s actually encourage them to turn it into such.

So, funny enough it’s 8am and 8pm – so when people are getting up and winding down.

Well, unfortunately, men just aren’t asking women out in real life as much anymore, and meeting someone in a bar is just as dangerous or as shallow as on an app.

One person who is doing a lot to change the face of modern dating is Whitney Wolfe, CEO and founder of so-called feminist dating app Bumble.

If you go meet up with someone on Bumble and we see that you’re a match, we see that you chose to go meet up with each other, if you don’t like something took place there is accountability, and that’s what we’re trying to build. The best thing in my opinion about the safety dynamics on Bumble is photo verification, (it’s already rolled out on Android and will be on i OS soon), so you know that who you’re speaking to is who they say they are.