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Robert pattinson dating dylan

Everybody forgot about Dylan Penn in the wake of all the craziness surrounding Robsten over the past few months, most notably that Robert Pattinson was dating FKA Twigs and Kristen Stewart was a spinster/dating Nicholas Hoult/living as a lesbian with her BF Alicia Cargile/alternative option D.But at one point, Rob was rumored to be dating Dylan, and Dylan is finally, sort-of, not really admitting that the rumors were true. Dylan reportedly discussed the pictures showing her and Rob together with Vanity Fair Italy, explaining, So… I don’t get why other people being there proves that they weren’t on a date.

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The Twilight dating era of Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson has formally and officially ended – Robsten is dead!Sean Penn has a pretty bizarre ideology when it comes to cheating on significant others, apparently it isn’t considered cheating if you do it in another country.And, he has clearly passed that way of thinking on down to his daughter Dylan Penn, who is currently en route to Spain, and rumored to be meeting Robert Pattinson there.So for now, we can lump Dylan in with the various other women whom Rob is romancing, including Riley Keough, Sia and trainer Sydney Liebes.(Though Liebes does have a special relationship with the 27-year-old actor—she's whipping him into shape!But a second source shoots down any insinuation that the two are an item, telling PEOPLE that ‘Pattinson has trained with Liebes a few times in Harley’s absence and that’s it.’ ” Robert Pattinson dated Stewart for three years before a scandal erupted over images of the actress making out with Rupert Sanders.

Robert Pattinson is officially moving on from ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart.

People Magazine said otherwise, but we’ll believe you.

Also, for someone who continues to claim that she never went out with Robert Pattinson, she sure spends a lot of time discussing the subject, huh?

Sean Penn has always had a scandalous love life riddled with affairs.

So, it really isn’t much of a shock that his young daughter Dylan got herself caught up in one of the messiest and most publicized vampire love-triangles to date.

After watching Mickey Avalon at the Viper Room they reportedly hit Chateau Marmont, which is just down the road, to cap off the night with snacks and drinks.