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Sheikh Abdullah al Muhaysini, a US-designated terrorist and a senior ideologue in HTS, was quick to praise the operation on his Arabic and English-language Telegram channels.

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Al Nusrah Front was rebranded as Jabhat Fath al Sham (JFS) in July 2016.Other organizations, including Ahrar al Sham, have continued to participate in the operations room as well.Ahrar al Sham is an Islamist organization that has its own links to al Qaeda.A senior military intelligence official who was reportedly close to Syrian president Bashar al Assad was killed during a complex suicide assault in the city of Homs earlier today.The official, General Hassan Daabul, died after a suicide bomber penetrated security and made his way into Daabul’s office, according to a witness cited by .According to HTS, more than 40 people were killed and 50 more wounded in the assault.

Independent press reports are generally consistent with HTS’ claims, as they indicate there were dozens of casualties.

A powerful Ahrar al Sham faction defected and joined HTS in January.

The leader of HTS, a jihadi known as Abu Jaber (Hashem al Sheikh), was formerly the head of Ahrar al Sham.

The jihadists have continued to fight forces loyal to the Assad regime elsewhere in Homs province.

Along with its allies, Al Nusrah Front (al Qaeda’s arm in Syria) formed an operations room in the northern countryside of the province.

“The area where this happened is very secure, which is always monitored,” Hassoun elaborated, according to Reuters.