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Russian dating viktoria

It is also where her mother, Alla Aleksenko, mysteriously disappeared in October of 2014. She hounded the police so much, Nadia says they gave her a nickname. Nadia Ford: We're on a highway that Viktoria had my mom. Nadia Ford [Pointing to the traffic camera]: There's the camera, right there. Looking at the picture, Ford thought her mom was still alive. I have these pictures."Ford was shocked to learn that investigators had seen the pictures too, and were aggressively working the case. Ruben Borukhov [shows Van Sant the inside of a safe]: I had some money in the basement, couple of hundred. Video shot by one of Borukhov employees captures a glimpse of Viktoria sitting in the boss's chair. But the memories of Nadia's mother remain alive as ever. Peter Van Sant: There's a race against time here, right? Nadia's hometown of Krasnodar is a popular tourist town about 750 miles south of Moscow, near the Black Sea. And about 100 miles from Alla's apartment, Nadia hits pay dirt. The day that you lost all communication with your own mother. Peter Van Sant: Every single question she's asked she fails. Nadia had two objectives: find her mom and hunt down Viktoria. With Viktoria Nasyrova on the run, Nadia Ford desperately continued her search for her mother … Ruben Borukhov: And she is walking here and there and making some stories to my workers. He drank two bottle of wine." …I don't remember nothing. Today, the woman at the center of this case awaits her fate in jail.

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I have been abroad and lived in London and the USA for... She called Viktoria and asked her to meet out in front of the apartment building. And what are you communicating to her with this rough hug of yours? Nadia Ford: [Inside the closet with a flashlight]: In Russian—den'gi—it means money. Nadia Ford: It tells me that the last person, the person who kidnapped her, the person who she was with at that moment -- that's Viktoria. One night she drove six hours after getting a tip that her mother was in a hospital. Peter Van Sant: But you gotta get access to these photographs. Pictures from that traffic camera changed everything. Nadia finally had solid proof that Viktoria knew what happened to her mom. So they brought her in for questioning and then they gave her a lie detector test. The video also shows Borukhov being carried by paramedics to the hospital. It had been only three days since Nadia last heard from her mom. Peter Van Sant: What are the police and the district attorney and what are these people saying to you? Nadia Ford: "Crazy American daughter who's looking for her mother." Peter Van Sant: You may have been a little crazy, but you had a purpose. Undaunted, Nadia carried on her search -- posting flyers and driving thousands of miles across Russia searching for clues. What if traffic cameras photographed Viktoria the night Nadia's mother went missing? That's the speeding camera that showed that my mom was with Viktoria. Peter Van Sant: And what's the date that this picture was taken? Nadia Ford: Back in 2014, this camera gave me hope. They had confirmed Viktoria rented the car with plates matching what was seen on the traffic camera. After cleaning out the cash register, Viktoria fled the scene. Nadia Ford: My mom gave me the most important thing in life … Weisberg once fixed a problem for the "Mitzvah Lady". I grew up on "Tom and Jerry," "Curly Sue," and -- all these great movies ... Peter Van Sant: And so every day you would talk to her? Now she pays him to fix other peoples problems, including Nadia Ford's. It appeared she convinced them she'd done nothing wrong.

Cops briefly questioned Viktoria in her apartment – located right next door to Alla's -- then left the scene.

Herman Weisberg: I guess I have a unique view of the world because of my job. Herman Weisberg: I worked for 20 years in the New York City Police Department. Herman Weisberg: I can't get this out of my blood -- the whole detective – the instincts, having a little heightened sense of awareness. Peter Van Sant: You just wouldn't think they'd hang out with each other. But the next morning, Nadia became alarmed when her mother didn't answer her phone.

…In my world, there are a lot of bad people doing a lot of bad things... And last March, he came across a case of a lifetime. Peter Van Sant: Your mom -- looks like my -- my mother. Peter Van Sant: And here looks a woman like a glamorous Hollywood … Nadia Ford: She was always trying to be very friendly to her. In fact, Viktoria was planning to come to New York and offered to bring some presents to Nadia from her mother. Peter Van Sant: How many times did you call your mother that day, October 5th?

…So she pushed me away and she's starts yelling that, "Your mother is alive! " At that moment, Nadia was certain Viktoria had done something to her mother. Peter Van Sant: What struck you about this room when you came in? As we inspected the apartment, Nadia showed "48 Hours" a mysterious discovery she made in her mother's closet.

Nadia Ford: When she basically walk down the stairs, I move towards her. Nadia Ford: That I will choke you to death if you don't tell me where is my mother. And whoever did this also stole most of her mother's life's savings: $50,000 that Alla kept in a secret hideaway. Peter Van Sant: Who would know of this secret space? Remember, Viktoria and Alla had become close friends. Nadia Ford: I went to the room and there was a lady from the back and the body shape looked like my mom [cries] and when she turned it wasn't her. In an act of desperation, she even pleaded with Viktoria in a text. Ford is certain that is Viktoria Nasyrova behind the wheel. Nadia Ford: So the question was about the car, if she was driving and she was alone in the car. Peter Van Sant: What was it like for you to watch that video?

Nadia Ford: Unfortunately that happened on Monday when I came to work and I -- print out my mom's phone log -- phone call log, and I saw the last person who called her. Nadia Ford: And then the police are going after her. That I'm so angry and I'm so, like, I'm ready to freakin' kill her. Nadia Ford [motioning towards the refrigerator]: There is no fingerprints on the metal handles.