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Featuring both fictional and non-fictional books that inspire, inform and entertain.Join Theatre Gu Leòr for a sneak preview of Màiri Sìne Chaimbeul’s debut play, Cèilidh, and a chance to chat to the writer about the challenges of putting her stories onstage for the first time.

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There can be specific Maths requirements for Engineering degrees so discuss this at your College interview to ensure progression on to the University of Glasgow.Touring Scotland in March 2018, Cèilidh is a contemporary theatrical take on traditional storytelling, music and song.Màiri Sìne will discuss the process of becoming a playwright and her experiences of working with award-winning dramaturg Lynda Radley, before opening up to questions from the audience. What if, in order to be mindful, calm and happy, we don't have to stop and switch off from modern life?Access to Humanities and Social Science programmes can be studied at a wide range of local Colleges, relevant for a variety of undergraduate degrees, including Primary Education for adults who have developed skills working or volunteering with primary aged children, but who need an academic qualification to progress.Life Science programmes are also available in a number of Colleges and you should study one that contains chemistry and biology.Places on the programme, designed specifically for entry to Glasgow, are highly competitive so apply when applications open each January.

You will be interviewed prior to the programme and are expected to have experience in your chosen field and recent study of chemistry and biology.

Create a collaged bookjacket for your favourite book, casting yourself in the main role!

All participants are asked to pre-send a photo of themselves which will be printed out and ready to use.

What if we can use our phones and technology in a practical way to help us be aware, composed and kind, wherever we are and whatever we are doing?

Rohan Gunatillake's book Modern Mindfulness offers practical techniques and principles to achieve just that.

We'll follow the story of the Black Bun from when it was first eaten with Mary Queen of Scots, to its use in first-footing at Hogmanay.