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Sean young dating history

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"The minute you actually stand up for yourself in Hollywood, you're the crazy one," she said.And not one but two people interrupted her interview to get a picture with her which she graciously did, saying both times, "this was not staged, I promise." Even if this had happened, isn't it something that could have been rectified fairly easily through the application of a solvent (such as acetone)?I get the impression people think this sort of prank would inevitably result in the painful tearing of flesh. I love how Young downplayed the extent of her Catwoman stunt.I do not condone the harassment of women under any circumstance." The co-hosts said Young was "railroaded because she turned down the advances of dudes," and recalled how she was labeled as "difficult to work with." To which Young suggested that perhaps she should have been "softer" in her rejections.Young joins over 40 other women who have accused Weinstein of sexual misconduct, harassment or assault, including a number of women who have accused the ousted Weinstein Co.The Blade Runner actress tells the publication, "I was like, 'Jimmy, look, these are normal feelings, if we still feel this way in six months, we'll revisit the concept.' It was a crush being turned down, that's all.

"It's so retardedly stupid that anyone could have believed it." When Woods heard about the publication's planned Young interview he fired off a series of angry emails to editors, claiming the actress perpetrated a "jihad of terror" against him and threatening to sue the magazine.

The actress also denies the incident.) His lawyer quickly followed up Woods' eruption with an e-mail saying the messages had been accidentally sent, and insisted EW only quote his client using the following statement: "These incidents took place over 20 years ago, and I have moved on and would suggest Ms. Sean Young claims that he got mad when she refused his advances.

But she claims the same thing about everyone else who has ever had a problem with her.

When she auditioned for , Young says she went to her audition with Streisand and quoted the star as saying, "I think it's disgusting that you talked to the press!

" She said, "And what I had said to the press was that I was harassed. And she told me she thought that was disgusting." Streisand responded to Young's claims in a statement to : "I have no memory of ever having interviewed Sean Young.

His attorney tells Entertainment Weekly the correspondence was sent editors by mistake, adding, "These incidents took place over 20 years ago, and (he has) moved on and would suggest Ms.