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Seo dating

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Because, having too many similar pages might cause duplicate content issues that Google hate!Therefore, you might consider indexing the profile pages which have most of the profile sections filled and enough textual description about the member.

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In the past, it was all about getting thousands of backlinks to your site and repeating target keywords.Anchor texts should have a good mix, for example; 50% of links have your URL as anchor text, 10% of them have your target keywords and its synonyms, 10% have your target keyword URL or your brand.– Get links only from good sites; sites to target for getting links should have a mix of Page Rank and should have Domain Authority of 20 (criteria), Trust Score of 15 (Majestic SEO criteria).When you decide to index Profile pages, ensure the following points: – Create a unique Meta title & description for each member page for example; Title: Now for Free!– Make sure profile pages have enough content; you might think about creating a new member group for those members who filled all the sections and have written at least 200 words about themselves, and letting Google index only those profile pages.There are several things to check on your website before presenting it to Google.

You need to make sure your landing page mentions the target keyword that you want to rank for, as much as possible such as within: – The content – Meta title and description – The headings – The URL It is also good idea to add synonyms of that target keyword.

However, in the last few years, Google has made many significant updates to its ranking Algorithm.

SEO for a dating site has also become much more challenging.

For example, you can create a page about dating for Londoners, London dating, dating in London, etc.

– Again, ensure your Meta title, descriptions are written cleverly adding your target keywords within – Try to link to those content pages from the homepage, so that your homepage’s authority helps content page to be indexed faster and rank better.

Their blog is an A example of how to write engaging content which gets links.