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We wanted to see for ourselves, so Marketplace called Life Mates simply to ask about the fees charged for its services. We got the sales pitch: you have to qualify before you can get a quote - you have to come in for an interview to see if you qualify. So you're ready to sign a legal agreement for our services?Going undercover Marketplace sent a researcher, Maxine, to Life Mates' Toronto office — with a hidden camera. ""But I don't know what it's going to cost," Maxine responded."Sure, and I'm going to tell you all about that.

Knowing this, I refused their offers (they'd had months already and now I knew better from doing a bit of research) and just demanded my money back.Clearly, there's a fair bit of pressure in terms of selling.For both these reasons one needs to pause for breath.And don't let yourself get tricked into something you don't feel right about. In the hole over $2,500.00 ...meli, AMthat sucks about lifemates, may i make a suggetion though, try free to join, sure you need credits to talk to ppl but you can reply to men`s instant replies if they are the ones sending you can reply for free.Don't feel right about it, leave."In other words: when dealing with a dating service, lead with your head and not with a lonely heart. After a 4 hour initial meeting of poking and proding and filling out questionaires about various Personal & Psychological wants/needs/dislikes.... I met my boyfriend there and we`ve been together for 3 yrs now...She was asked to come prepared with two pieces of identification — including a credit card. The Life Mates representative told Maxine: "If you want us to work together, it's got to work on our terms." Maxine was also asked to commit and sign before the Life Mates' rep revealed the price."… But all that in consideration, are you okay about that? ' That's the question."In both of our undercover cases, the Life Mates interview lasted well over two hours before the price was revealed. "Marketplace researcher Maxine was unable to get an idea of price range over the phone.

Rebecca Hiebert fought for a refund from Life Mates."My job is to get to know you, screen and qualify you," the Life Mates' rep told Maxine. The strategy seemed to be the same in both the Toronto and Winnipeg offices: get the client to reveal their personal life and to pour out their heart about previous relationships. " the rep continued."Yeah, if I know what it's going to cost! Life Mates' Todd Holley later told Marketplace the kind of pressure Maxine was subjected to is not supposed to happen. In Rebecca's case: "I was given a piece of paper with three scenarios. I could go to university for a whole year.'"Our hidden camera guy, Ian, responded to the price proposals with: "I'm one of those guys who has to think about it."The Life Mates' rep came back with: "Oh don't even… When Maxine wanted to think about the price, the rep painted this picture: "You are 58 years old. If you let fear rule your life you'll turn 68, you may own a house but end up with just four bigger walls then you're staring at right now. You cannot have fear dictate your life."Analyzing the pitch Marketplace had law professor Iain Ramsay look into the sales pitch.

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I had read the contract and if I would take a date, they wouldn't have to to give my money back."If Hiebert had accepted the date, she would have lost her right to a refund.

She stood her ground:"When I got the cheque, I was ecstatic. It was great.""I was concerned by the emotional exploitation that seemed to be taking place in the selling practices…"York University law professor Iain Ramsay What is Life Mates' policy with regards to someone who signs a contract, leaves a deposit, then changes their mind within 24 hours and hasn't received any referrals?

That's what happened with Rebecca Hiebert, but getting the refund was no easy task."They didn't want to.