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Veins are bulging and my balls aching to release a load of hot sticky cum. Forgive me I am drooling a little bit just thinking about it.

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I move up to one cock licking my lips, as I grab hold of the cocks on either side.Damn why can't it be pm already it sucks being single and oh so horny. I Keep rubbing myself getting my cock harder and harder faster and faster "Oh yes! " I tell my large cock as I Slowly stroke it long and hard slow strokes'. The object will be to suck as many cocks as you can in thirty minutes.Better get ready for work, I walk bare assed to the shower as my cock bounces around as I walk. Feels so good oh yes between the heat of the shower and my stroking of my cock I am steaming up more than the shower door and mirrors. You can swallow their loads of cum or wear it which ever you prefer, myself I never like to waste any.The first wave of men starts putting their cocks through the holes.Gawd so many color's shapes and sizes I wish I had more time so I could take my time and savor ever bit of it, but I have to go as fast as I can too win.The shower felt good and so hot, yes the heat feels so good on my hard body "Oh baby yes oh yes." I whispered as my cock is rock hard and throbbing with each pulsating stroke. I always bring a napkin just Incase, you never know when you may need it.

Running my hands over my body feeling so good, lathering myself up. I just made it to work, I need to do something about this hard on.

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Oh What a day it's going to be, my cock is throbbing and rock hard. There will be little holes drilled into the wall's sometimes big holes depending on the size of the cock.

Yes that feels so good oh baby, I need a cock to suck right now. I have been on both sides a few times myself and it's so much fun.

I need it so bad my tight ass hasn't had a good reaming in ages. The difference with this contest is the room is bigger there will be lots of guys involved sucker's and suckee's.

The prize will be a romantic evening on the town with the winners choice of dates.