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82 million in the 1990s, but no census was held since 1987.The CIA Factbook in the world (including the EU as third).

The last pre-war census was held on 1 December 1910, the 1915 census was canceled, but two war censuses were held on 5 December 19 to organize the sharing of food.The Constitutional Court stopped the census in 1983, and required a revision of the process. For 1991 a concurrent census in both West and East Germany had been planned, but it was canceled due to reunification, and replaced by a "micro census" population sample among 1 percent of house holds.Due to reunification and immigration from former Eastern Bloc states and the war-torn Balkans, the population has grown to c.The data on buildings and dwellings, for which there are no registers in Germany, would be collected by mail from all owners.Germany Social is a new cool and user friendly online dating and matchmaking app who is looking for outgoing and fun single Men and Women in Germany.Initially planned for 1937, the 1939 census now also included the areas of Austria, Sudetenland and Memelland.

About 750,000 counters covered 22 million households and roughly 80 million inhabitants.

On 8 October 1919 and 16 June 1925, regular census resumed.

The 1930 census was delayed by the Depression until 1933, and another one was carried out in 1939, both were affected by the bias of the Nazi government.

Made in atmosphere of terror, attacks on members of Polish minority, and demolishing of Polish shops and libraries, the census resulted in many Poles living in Germany giving their nationality as German out of fear of losing life or well-being of their families.

After the Second World War the occupying powers started to count the population in their zones, first the Soviets on 1 December 1945, then the French on 26 January 1946.

The German Customs Union, the Zollverein, conducted population counts from 1834 to 1867, every three years on 3 December, in order to share its revenue among the member states accordingly.