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Please click here for real property tax rates or click here for tangible property tax rates.

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If you receive a bill for a property you have bought or sold and are uncertain as to your responsibility for the bill, please review your settlement statement or contact your closing agent for further information.Your canceled check or money order stub will be your receipt.If you are paying your tax bill in-person at the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office, you will receive a receipt at the time of your payment.Dear Citizen: I am very proud of the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office and of the many services we provide our community.Our Tax Office is one of the areas of service of which I am most proud.Please contact the Property Valuation Administrator should you have any questions regarding the assessed value of your property.

Homestead or disability exemptions reduce the taxable value (and accordingly the tax amount due) for a home that you own and within which you live if you are 65 years of age or older or if you are totally disabled.

Please note that exemptions will reduce your tax liability but will not eliminate your tax bill completely unless your homes assessed value is less than the exemption amount.

For further information on eligibility or the application process for an exemption, please contact the Jefferson County Property Valuation Administrator.

If you have received the tax bill and determine the other party is responsible for the taxes, please forward the tax bill or contact our Property Tax Division at (502)574-5479 and request that a copy of the tax bill be mailed to the other party.

The face value amount of your tax bill is determined by taking the assessed value of your property, less any exemptions, and multiplying this value by the tax rate for your district or property type.

Jefferson County Attorneys Office 531 Court Place 9th Floor Louisville, Kentucky 40202 Phone: (502) 574-6331 Website: The property owner is legally responsible for ensuring that the tax bill is paid.