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Valets take students’ cars as they pull up to the glamorously lit entrance.

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He said lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender are western terms, whereas two-spirits has a more cultural connotation to it.Dale wants to go to New York someday and start a band.Lydia remembers shopping with her and her sister, Molly, when they were younger.But she settled on going after remembering how much fun her older brother had at proms when he was younger.After deciding that it would be too expensive to buy a dress from a store, Dale and her mother went online and found several dresses she liked.“I was thinking to myself, maybe by wearing this short one, I can show people that my confidence level is higher than they think,” Dale said.

“That I’m comfortable wearing anything.” The lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender sexual minority communities have historic ties to many tribes.

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The red carpet was laid out like at a movie premier.

Families and friends lined the entrance to Browning High School.

Dale said she doesn’t mind when her family or closest friends have the occasional slip up.