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This "pageant" is a copy cat of Miss Earth, created by the Bolivian MU franchise holder, who crowns her own girls in this pageant but when it comes MU that same girl never places. This pageant was only for Spanish speaking countries -and Brazil as guest- but now they have Canada, USA, Portugal, Australia and the Philippines!

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If Venezuela and Mexico joins Cuba, this rigged pageant is done.(NT) -- Philippines you are destroying beauty pageants., 11/08/17 Wed Done? Promociones Gloria is renaming the pageant this year to Reina Hispano-Internacional.Welcoming all ladies from all corners of the globe with Hispanic heritage. Phillippines winning this year is all strategic for Promociones.I'd not be surprised if the first pageant for Reina Hispano-Internacional be done in the Philippines.(NT) -- John, 11/09/17 Thu Kara actually is one of the more stunning Miss USAs: miles ahead of Deshauna, about on par with Olivia and Nia (though I would give them the edge).And I will also say that we get it right 100% of the time, its the actual judges who end up with questionable results (except when they picked Katherine Haik for Teen USA and we shamefully left her clapping as our 1st ru).

(NT) -- ICEMAN, 11/02/17 Thu Who is your favorite Miss Universe of the 1980s and why?

(NT) -- people are such haters, 11/08/17 Wed There is a "disclaimer" about her beauty because she was never chosen as the most beautiful.

It was made very clear at MUSA that she was chosen because she was "the smartest." Having said that, she does look great here and I expect her to do well at MU. -- Old timer, 11/08/17 Wed Selfies are so 2014 and very few people look good in them.

I'm Pinoy but I dont understand why this needs to be posted in a MUSA/MUO forum.

(NT) -- Bakla ng Dekada, 11/05/17 Sun Yes, IT WAS RIGGED for the Philippines!

First would be Yvonne mainly because she looks like she could sing with ABBA!!