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The 33-year-old said the businessman's rise left her in a state of “horror” and attending Saturday's rally was a way to feel empowered.A plane was seen skywriting “TRUMP” over the rally after being commissioned by anonymous supporters of the new President.

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While his supporters toss their "Make America Great Again" hats into the air in celebration, his critics take to the streets to protest against him.Investigators said the woman, who turned out to be a 17-year-old girl, called Mr. She said he knew she was a minor but wasn’t worried because of her upcoming birthday. Wade told The Daily Caller that he was unfairly arrested because he was “too trusting” of a female tenant whom he was temporarily housing as part of his Operation Help or Hush charity. He said she was also arrested for solicitation and prostitution. Wade’s nonprofit was created during the Ferguson, Missouri, unrest in 2014.She also told investigators that she provided all the money she earned to Mr. “Her family said she has a history of running away and doing this. Last September, he began crowdsourcing a center for children and youth near Ferguson and Dellwood, a local Fox News affiliate reported. 40 on The Root’s 100 most influential black activists.Imagine they'll be keeping a closer reign on his posts.Women's Marches are a collective of events against the 45th President are taking place at different cities around the world.Many of those protesting against the newly sworn in President are women.

In 60 countries and on seven continents across the world, women are preparing to march against the President on Saturday.

Police said he was residing in a motel room where he allegedly pimped a 17-year-old girl, The Daily Caller reported Thursday. Wade was held on seven counts relating to felony human trafficking and prostitution.

He was bailed out shortly after his arrest, according to a statement he released on Twitter Wednesday.

They will be taking to the streets to promote equal rights for women and defend marginalised groups.

Hundreds of thousands of people are expected to take part in the US women's marches, with the largest taking place in Washington.

He has also been accused of having "ableist" attitudes after mocking a journalist who has a disability.