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According to the Grand Jury which investigated the death of 14 year old Danieal Kelly: "The Multi Ethnic director organized and perpetuated the fraud that led to Danieals death, and gave false testimony about it to the Grand Jury.We believe she should be prosecuted for the same offenses as Murray, plus perjury." Kessler was given a written reprimand for handling blood evidence in case involving the death of a family friend, a police officer, in defiance of specific orders to refrain from involvement by superiors.

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Pleaded no contest in 1992 to falsifying autopsies in Dickens, Hockley and Lubbock counties.Also implicated his partner, Trooper Robert Lishansky.Further admitted to burning physical evidence to protect fellow officers from a potential wrongful shooting investigation.However, she prepared a report saying her tests were inconclusive and testified similarly at the defendant's trial.According to reports, she provided allegedly false testimony, misidentified hair and fiber samples, and exceeded the acceptable limits of forensic science.Falsified results regarding examinations and tests that were never performed. Reportedly gave false testimony in nine cases, including trials that resulted in wrongful rape convictions.

In one case, she conducted blood tests on semen recovered from a rape victim and determined defendant was excluded as the source, according to her lab notes.

This is an archive of more than a hundred cases involving alleged, admitted, and/ or demonstrable forensic fraud.

That is, it is an archive of cases where forensic science and law enforcement experts have provided sworn testimony, documents, or reports intended for the court that contain deceptive or misleading information, findings, opinions, or conclusions.

27 allegations of misconduct, some involving potential perjury.

Includes misrepresentation of professional credentials, mishandling evidence, obstruction of justice, and misrepresentation of medical findings., 38, and Cathy Lee Decker, 41 were arrested for falsifying evidence and perjury in connection with drug testing in CPS cases.

They were selling clean drug tests to people trying to regain custody of their children.