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When it isn’t October, though, students need to flex their creative muscles to find a good scare.

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Visitors can also walk to the back of the shop and see where the coffee beans are freshly roasted each day.earned their fame, but that doesn’t mean the local cafes are unworthy of the five dollars you shell out for a flavored latte.Only a few blocks down from Walla Walla Community College, the Walla Walla Roastery gives locals the true coffeehouse experience.Whitman Mission National Historic Site holds a lot of history for such a small town.After traveling along the Oregon Trail, missionary Marcus Whitman planted his home on the site.“The Blue Mountain Humane Society gets new animals in every day,” Malott said.

“At the BMHS, visitors can play with and visit the adoptable dogs and cats.” If you wish to adopt or not, a therapeutic trip to the animal shelter is a must for all stressed out Walla Walla Valley college students.

Beautiful year round, Palouse has become a favorite hangout for the adventure-driven.

At Palouse, the possibilities last as long as your creativity.

As it turns out, incredible scenery stretches even further than Western Washington.

Recognized as one of the grandest waterfalls in the country, Palouse Falls is found just over an hour outside of Walla Walla Valley and makes for an awesome day trip in nature.

It was her first live TV segment, and she loved it.