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And, speaking of safe sex, you thought and driving was bad?“While [it’s] generally assumed that sexual behavior happens in parked cars, there is little discussion…in the research literature of sexual activity in moving vehicles.” About one in five college students report engaging in sex “while driving”—nearly half while going more than 60 miles an hour, including feats likely involving “distraction.” Researchers suggest maybe this is something that should be warned about in health class.


Twilightsex has a zero-tolerance policy against illegal pornography.They’re implying that more sex leads to healthier arteries.But, isn’t the opposite more likely—that healthier arteries lead to more sex?“Frequent sexual intercourse is [evidently] associated with reduced heart attack risk.” But, this seems to me the perfect case for reverse causation.Given the benefits of sexual activity, “[i]ntervention programmes could…be considered, perhaps based on the…’At least five a day’ campaign aimed at increasing fruit and vegetable consumption—although the numerical imperative may have to be adjusted.” Please consider Terms You may republish this material online or in print under our Creative Commons licence.The absolute risk is low; “only one out of 580 men might be expected to suffer” such a death.

But, for those at high risk, “[s]ex in familiar surroundings, [at] a comfortable room temperature, and with [one’s] usual partner” may be safer.

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And, since low testosterone levels are associated with “increased risk of mortality,” that could help explain the health benefits. I did a Pub Med search for sexual activity and longevity, and came up with “Sexual Activity and Longevity of the Southern Green Stink Bug.” Our taxpayer dollars, hard at work.

But, I was less interested in whether or not screwworms live up to their namesake, and more interested in this: “Sex and death.” A study whose objective was “to examine the relation between frequency of orgasm and mortality.” They found that men “with high orgasmic frequency” appeared to cut their risk of premature death in half.

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