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I landed in Second Life clad in default clothing and sporting a mortifying pink hairdo.My avatar walked like someone who’d just gotten off a horse.

There are no monsters to kill, no real objective to speak of.The genius of user-created content It’s true Second Life lacks a designed conflict and end objective. “Content can be very transient in Second Life,” she says.But the real difference between “World of Warcraft,” “The Sims” or any other game Second Life is compared to is this: Linden does not create the content. “One of my favorite islands was an amusement park, and one day I went and it was gone.” For love or money?Linden, which tracks in-world stats in real-time on the Web site, says that the world has over 4 million residents, although some dismiss that number as inflated, since some folks sign up for free accounts and never come back.Jumping on the bandwagon No matter: The population growth of Second Life and the real money changing hands has convinced big corporations to set up camp — or island — in Second Life.Permanence in Second Life has a price: The island cost her $1,300, and there’s a monthly $195 upkeep charge.

Despite this, Goza has no interest in trying to recoup her expenses.

“There is no manufactured conflict, no set objective,” says spokesperson Catherine Smith.

The term “3-D online virtual world” doesn’t roll off the tongue as easily as the term “game.” And it’s a whole lot harder to get in a headline. Linden Lab, the company that created the platform that is Second Life, is emphatic that their creation is not a game.

The mainstream press has struggled with how to characterize Second Life.

The goal is simple: Players enter a multiplayer online world and go on quests alone or with other people. Plenty of addicted players hit that ceiling quickly, so much like someone who devours a book in three hours and can’t bear to part with the characters, “Wo W” players simply go back to the beginning and start over.

“The point of ‘World of Warcraft’ is not to hang out and dance in a pub, but people do it,” she says.