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Shania dating hockey player

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According to the Toronto Sun, there's a chance we may add another name to the music side of the dating history: Country star, and proud Canadian lass, Shania Twain is rumored to be dating Toronto Maple Leafs goalie Curtis Joseph.From the Sun: Hey, Cujo, you old dog, whose bed have your boots been under?

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The other Canadian hockey players were like, “We won’t drink that.” Then we all went to Italy and drank Pinot Grigio together on the Amalfi Coast.I also think if Shania is dating, more power to her but that would be none of our business.Shania has very low motivation, she wanted to please Mutt. He motivated he in all aspects and got her to achieve great success.The only one looking foolish has been Shania to the rest of the industry and many fans. I don't even like Celion dion but I respect her dedication to her fans and honesty. Her money is not the fans money...thats her money and she earned every penny. I can name thousands of artists who give more moneys worth than she ever gave. Lets get back on topic and stop going around in circles. And Lulu don't respond or I will have to respond back. The success he has had with Shania was greater than any other act he had worked with.You spent money on cds and concerts if you attended then you got your money's worth. She only toured twice in her whole career and only put out 4 albums. Now back on topic, maybe it is true Shania is dating another hockey player besides Cujo. I also think if Shania is dating, more power to her but that would be none of our business.The garlic fries where the Giants play in San Francisco are insanely amazing.

DANCING WITH THE STARS DREAM I would love to have Gordon Ramsay compete on the show.

If you say “Give it a home, give it a home” as you shake the pan, which is what my friend says, it seems to help a lot.

MARIO BATALI THROWDOWN I was on which I found to be the most nerve-racking situation ever.

She said she would of been satisfied just making a living. She even said in an interview that Mutt was the go getter.

You can see in her interviews she has low self esteem and low motivation.

BEST STADIUM FOOD In Boston, Fenway Franks at a Red Sox game are the best.