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Shih tzu owners dating service

Origin | The Shih Tzu is considered among one of the 14 oldest dog breeds.They are believed to have been in the region of China as far back as 8,000BC.

It is part of the Toy dog group and is considered a companion dog. They are good at socializing with other dogs, big and small. The ears are set high and are long and hanging but rigid at the base. The hair's texture is woolly, as opposed to silky, and is never trimmed or clipped unless kept as pets.Written by an expert dog whisperer, trainer and owner, Alex Seymour, who writes in a fun and entertaining way about Shih Tzu dogs while packing the book full of useful hints and tips.In addition, many top breeders make contributions, including a Westminster dog show best of breed Shih Tzu winner, who writes a special bonus chapter about showing Shih Tzu.This best-selling book is listed on e Bay, Amazon and all major bookstores worldwide and this copy is brand-new and postage is free and included in the price of £8.95.Shih Tzu - The Complete Owners Guide is a must-have book for any responsible owner.During her reign, the Dalai Lama gave her a pair of beautiful looking Shih Tzus.

After her death in 1908 many in the royal court competed on producing the best breed of Shin Tzu.

Just some of the subjects covered include: origins and history of the Shih Tzu, different types and colors, buying a dog or puppy, male or female, pros and cons, rescue, adoption, breeders, personality, socialization, spaying, neutering, house/potty training, bringing your puppy home, grooming, combing, bathing, shows, health, vaccinations, training, understanding your Shih Tzu, play and toys, what food and nutrition, old age and what to expect, and much more...

"Fun, informative and an entertaining read as well as containing plenty of useful facts and tips I didn't know." - Penelope Kenhope "Just what I was looking for when I was looking for my new Shih Tzu puppy.

The Pekingese may also have played a part in the development of the breed.

The first Shih Tzus were shown in England in 1933 and they were shown alongside Lhasa Apsos.

They have a strong bond with the person/s with whom they spend the most time. It has a developed jaw and the upper lips don’t cover the bottom lips. The hair sheds very little, but requires regular combing to prevent matting.