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Though suspiciously small, the off / shuffle / loop switch is easy enough to toggle with a fingernail.We just nabbed one of Apple's new button-free i Pod shuffles, and in case you were wondering: yes, it's really small.We're gonna play around a bit with the Voice Over navigation and get you our full impressions in a few, but at first glance we think this is totally usable, especially for the shuffle's sweaty target demographic. Unboxing wasn't the Apple's best, but it was easy enough to get at all three components in there: the shuffle, the earbuds and the USB adapter.Since our i Tunes library is larger than 4GB, we built a few playlists, set them to sync with the shuffle, clicked sync and were ready to go in seconds.According to Apple, the space used up by the Voice Overs on the shuffle is "negligible" and doesn't impact that vague "1000 songs" figure.To pin a chat, users can tap and hold on the chat, and a pin logo will appear on the top bar along with the delete, mute and archive logos.

Users can pin up to three chats, and can easily unpin any of the three chats to add another.

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If you don't hear anything worth jumping to, you don't need to touch anything and the shuffle will return to the music you were playing.

Both the song identification and playlist features speak over top of the song you're currently playing, which fades in and out accordingly.

With the newer i Pods and i Phones people are already used to pausing and starting the music with a click, and double clicking for skipping forward isn't much of a stretch.