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Sonic dla updating

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When the system's embedded Roxio software encounters a disc formatted in a format it cannot read, instead of defaulting to the user's choice, it insists on its own way and creates multiple conflicts which eventually spell CRASH for most of us. Lots of users on forums have reported this problem or some variation of it.Dell posted a firmware update for their CD-RW drives, but I don't think it adequately addresses this problem.

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I have to remove the battery and remove the AC to get the machine to reset. which is ver 3.50.14) --- Whenever I try to DLA-format my CD-RW or use a DLA-formatted CD-RW I get a message *Direct Access Component has encountered a problem and needs to shut down* on disk insertion.I've now uninstalled/reinstalled Record Now Max and the Veritas software.Since the embedded Roxio software doesn't recognize the DLA formatted disc, it produces that first error screen you've seen enough of.On my system, if I boot with a DLA formatted CD-RW disc in the drive, XP barks like that but will not go so far as to crash.XP Home/SP2 - Samsung CD-RW Record Now Max ver 4.5 DLA packet writing. No point in trying to find info at the Veritas site, there's no help at all there, and the Record Now Max Forum has the feel of a funeral parlour. Through CD-RW properties I've found that DLA version is 3.57 and when checking for updates on Veritas server I get the report *system is up-to-date*.

I've had the above problem since recently reinstalling XP SP2 - though I've been able to use DLA a few times during the course of program re-installation before this hitch has suddenly occurred and become permanent. I forgot to mention that yes, of course I deselect 'Enable CD recording on this drive' and tick 'Enable DLA on your drives'.

The problem stems from the fact that SP2 fails to integrate the Reading and Writing processes into a single user selectable option.

The Write option APPEARS to be selectable, but the READ option is not.

For the past 3 weeks I have been engaged in conversations with techs at both IBM and Microsoft and have forum hopped myself into fatigue.

On IBM's web site is posted an update to the DLA software (version 4.95 or 4.96).

Record Now Max is great so I'd like to have something that doesn't interfere with it. Hello There Tania, (I know this is L O N G, but bear with me. ) BACKGROUND: For quite some time I have been using W2K instead of XP because I ran into problems with XP "emulating" Peer-to-Peer connections at incredibly slow speeds, something W2K does much more efficiently.