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Sophos updating policy username password

Android virus is a term used for describing a wide group of malicious programs that might deliver suspicious ads, encrypt files, demand to pay the ransom, steal personal or banking information, and cause other problems.Recently researchers warned about outgoing Matcher Trojan campaign attacking Android users since January.

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Recently, security experts reported about a list of over 75 applications infected with Xavier Android virus found on Google Play Store.On July 2017, researchers discovered a new version of Android malware known as “Invisible Man” which steals banking app data and other sensitive data.Thus, it only proves that Android users should pay attention to their devices' security.Among other recently discovered cyber threats is Double Locker ransomware that emerged in October.It not only encrypts files on the targeted device but changes phone’s PIN.Once installed, a malicious app creates a legit-looking icon on the homes screen that looks similar to Bank Austria.

After installing Marcher virus, victims are asked to enter their credit card information or other personally identifiable details whenever they open any applications.

Therefore, you should be careful when installing third-party apps because they can be infected with 10001_1virus.

You can also get Rabbitfiles virus or similar malware from the third-party or file-sharing websites.

Marcher Android Trojan, also known as Exo Bot, is a banking malware that is known at least since 2013.

Researchers reported about virus comeback in November 2017.

Besides, Whatsap ads and similar notifications can also result in problems related to your Android phone.