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If the objective is to test the quality of your internet connection then you should disable any proxy servers.In rare cases your ISP may impose a proxy server of some kind that you cannot disable.

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You should be fully aware of what you have installed on your PC and know what it is doing!If your PC uses one or more SSD (flash) disks, it could be 2 to 8 gigabit.Only the fastest internet connections start to exceed the speed of a typical disk sub-system.Linux desktop graphics can be quite slow versus the closer GPU integration browsers enjoy on tablets, phones, Windows and OSX.The job of updating the screen especially the graphs can be too much for the browser. Adblock is a poor product that uses a vast amount of regular expressions to try to guess what resources might be adverts.Because browsers typically download files and store them on disk the upper limit of this speed test is going to be limited by the fastest write speed of your PC disk drive.

In the case of a spinning disk this might be as low as 500 megabit.

You can post in the feedback topic or if you're chasing gigabit speeds try the gigabit feedback topic speedtest gigabit testing/results/debugging or if you are interested in Buffer Bloat, there is a buffer bloat topic too:

Or you can send me an instant message via the site.

Most sites you use online will have a higher ping time.

Unless you have 500 megabit to 1gigabit , you should be able to ignore ping time and still test your line to maximum speed. This is a browser based speed test, and needs some temporary memory to store the incoming data before it can free it.

You never know, you may find that although a Flash-based test runs quickly, you actually have speed problems with your browser that should be addressed.