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Southern christian dating sites

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When the stress of sorority recruitment started really getting to me by mid-September of this year, I decided that I needed a distraction from recruitment (and needed it FAST), so I thought that downloading Tinder would be the perfect distraction.

Haha.) What my dating life comes down to is that I'm a girl who has always known what she wants, and my high standards, faith, and lifestyle make it hard for me to fall for someone.I hope that today's blog post might help someone out there who might someday be googling the same things that I was!I by no means consider myself to be a relationship or faith expert (and I'm certainly not a Tinder expert), but I do have a story to share about this topic, and what better place to do so then my blog?I started hearing more and more stories of real relationships that were formed because of Tinder.By going to school in a city as large enough as Charlotte, I started to wonder about the population of guys on there, and if there might be guys on the app who had similar lifestyles and religious views to me, and who might be looking for relationships instead of just casual sex.And out of these eight-ten, I only went on two dates. Both of my dates were in restaurants during the dinner hours.

Both restaurants were popular places and in very public areas- when meeting someone for the first time from online, safety is always key!

Many of you who have been long-time readers of my blog know that I have yet to have a serious relationship in college.

I have been on many a casual date throughout the past three and a half years, but circumstances beyond my control always prevented things from getting more serious with the two boys that I could have given my heart to during my college years so far.

He was also a Christian and enjoyed talking about his faith, and I liked the fact that I had been able to find an openly Christian guy on Tinder.

However, even though the second guy was both a lot kinder and also a Christian, we still didn't "click." After meeting him in person, I realized that his goals and priorities in life were currently a lot different than mine.

We had a really nice conversation on the app, and I was genuinely excited to meet the guy.