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Development of this How-to video was supported by an untied educational grant from Cipla.

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* Having several breaths may be easier for young children and/or during an asthma attack when a single deep breath is too difficult to manage.Your inhaler will come with instructions in the package.See our complete for other inhaler types and how to use them.Robert Chase on the American medical drama House (2004–2012) and Captain Matthew Casey on the American drama Chicago Fire (2012–present). Growing up, he supported AFL team Western Bulldogs whilst attending Canterbury Primary School, Malvern Central School, and the private Scotch College.While there, he auditioned for the long-running soap opera Neighbours.See our complete How-to video library for other inhaler types and how to use them.

Thanks to Ms Bernadette Flannagan, asthma and respiratory educator, and the patient who participated in this film clip.

He completed his VCE and had gained a place at Monash University but deferred to pursue acting.

Spencer starred as Billy Kennedy in the Australian soap opera Neighbours from 1994 to 2000. Spencer began his musical career with the Australian Boys Choir, performing with them from 1986 to 1992.

The National Asthma Council Australia retained editorial control.

If the inhaler is brand new or you haven’t used it for a week or more, you will need to prime the inhaler before taking a dose. The inhaler has a colour-coded dose counter on the front that shows the number of doses left in the inhaler. The colour in the dose counter will start to change from green to red when there are 40 doses left.

Note: You can keep count of the number of puffs your child takes regularly and compare this number to the total number of doses on the label.