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The running of express passenger services on the WCML came under the Intercity brand in the late 1970s, which prior to privatisation in 1996, was known as "Inter City West Coast"."Inter City Cross Country", with its hub at Birmingham, was also greatly developed with the introduction of transferred HST units following the electrification of the East Coast Main Line.

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The line links London and Glasgow on a 401-mile route which runs via the West Midlands, the North West and southern Scotland.And this is what the area looked like on 15 August 2010.The view, left, shows the shed itself, while the second, wider shot shows the area alongside Dallam Lane which formed part of the Warrington and Newton Railway featured in Making Tracks 1.One important section, the North Staffordshire Railway, which opened its line in 1848 from Macclesfield (connecting with the LNWR from Manchester) via Stoke-on-Trent to Norton Bridge and Colwich, also remained independent until the forced amalgamations of 1922.Following amalgamation, in 1922, Following amalgamation, in 1922, the line became part of the London Midland and Scottish Railway (LMS).Following privatisation, the principal operator on the line has been Virgin Trains who operate all long-distance express services, but many regional operators along the route also run local commuter services.

The WCML is currently nearing completion of a major upgrade along almost its entire length.

It is the mainline service passing through Warrington Bank Quay.

The line was built in stages between the 1830s and the 1870s, with the first stages being the Grand Junction Railway (Warrington - Birmingham) and the London and Birmingham Railway, both completed in the 1830s.

Paul has kindly supplied these two photos taken around the 1980s.

I also remember as a small boy standing with my mother and/or my grandmother at a bus stop on the town centre side of Central station bridge and regularly seeing a steam engine, normally a Black 5, stabled behind the station wall where Midland Way runs now.

Electrification did not arrive on the short Carstairs Junction - Edinburgh Waverley branch until 1989, since this was at the time considered part of the ECML.