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Spy on sex text chat

Spy on sex text chat-71

In this situation, you are going to need to have access to his email address on the application so that you can reset or press the forgot password option to have an email sent to his account in order to be able to reset his password for you and him to be able to enter the account.

Is there an app that I can use on my phone to get her messages?I use i Phone 5S and she is using Samsung S4 as well we use different networks cause I work in Dubai and she is back home in America Unfortunately, the only way to see her Viber messages is by using a Spy app called Mobile Spy.You will have to pay a monthly fee and you have to install it on your girl's phone.In a nutshell, you opening up his account on your device will not display messages being that they are only saved on his account.If you open the app on your device you will be able to see his contacts list that he has on the app.The good part about this app is that you can read everything on her phone.

You can read more by going to the link: Other apps can promise the same thing without installing anything but will not work 100% because their phone is not infiltrated by another app that you have control of, most are scams as well.

I need to track my girlfriend message from her Viber what can I do?

Besides this, we are using different software cellphones.

This will likely be enough for you to determine what she is up to. The main way that people get into their locked phones is by performing a Hard Reset but in your case, you are not going to be able to do this because it will erase the information that you are wanting to seek in the device.

You will need to: -Gain his password to get into the device -Ask him to open the device -Allow him to use his phone, and hopefully, you can catch it before it goes to sleep. Find a reason and insist that he lets you access his phone.

Another option that may be less problematic but may not be legal in your area (so check first) is to use a spy app which uses an email to install on his phone remotely. He lies that he forgot the password when he just got on it.