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Stanford economist online dating

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I might send my money to a soup kitchen and another guy might send his to the NRA. A: I teach MBA students typically, but I haven't asked them to read it because it might be weird to discuss my dating life.They're all probably on to some cooler dating site, anyway.

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Thick markets are more powerful than thin ones - use a big dating site.Rational people sometimes choose to lie - don't list all the viral videos you like. His knowledge of IPOs could teach him about where to take his date for dinner (answer: somewhere expensive)."After my first date, the thing that triggered in my mind is that this is all about markets," he said.A: Facebook is a product with what we call network externality - demand is driven by demand. It's different from grocery shopping - you go grocery shopping and the groceries don't have to love you back. And this is my little theory, but you could say, "With this message, I'm showing that I want to meet you and am donating X dollars to some cause to prove it." That would show that I'm willing to spend money.Q: What should online dating sites learn from economics? There's a lot of lying on dating sites and there are simple ways to verify it - there are Chinese dating sites that ask you to send in your tax returns and a photocopy of your license so people can't lie about their age or income. You want to allow a mechanism that says, 'I'm interested in you and I mean it.' I can write anyone a little message that says, "Hey, I think you're hot." Why don't we ask people to put their money where their mouth is? And the charity I choose might signal something very strong. Paul Oyer, Professor of Economics, at Stanford’s Graduate School of Business. Oyer and Linda discuss the common thread between dating, economics, and admissions. – – The limits of economics in explaining online dating.

(Yup, economists take the fun out of everything.) – Signaling: Why education is a waste, but still serves a purpose. And what the college/grad school admissions process has to do with signaling.

Q: Are there any points where online dating as economics class might not work?

As any single person who has ever attended a cocktail party or family function can attest, it generally doesn’t take more than five minutes after exchanging niceties with someone in a relationship to hear the following words: “ So are you seeing anyone?

As for daily routines of both singles and couples alike, activities such as food selection and going on a promising date, in economic terms bolster one’s utility — which is “just an economist’s way to keep score of how happy someone is,” says Oyer.

“ So I spend time on Ok Cupid in the hope that I will meet someone who will someday increase my utility.” In his case, Oyer got returns on his investment.

– The parallels between economics and dating – Wonderful, but not surprising.