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Strauss dating survey

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The vitriolic 20-year controversy had largely subsided by 1997.

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A society in which dating, cohabiting, and married partners never hit each other is not a more unrealistic goal than a society in which co-workers never hit each other, and is certainly no less a hallmark of a humane society.Crime studies such as the National Crime Survey (NCS), National Crime Victimization Study (NCVS-a revision of the NCS), police statistics studies and National Violence Against Women in America (NVAW) study show that most incidents are by men.Straus observes that what these crime studies have in common is "that they are presented to respondents as studies of crime, crime victimization, personal safety, injury, or violence, rather than as studies of family problems and conflicts." The differences in study outcomes, Straus states in the first part of his paper, are due to differences in the methodology of crime studies as compared to family conflict studies.There are two significant differences: One reason for this disparity is that assaults do not always lead to injury.In fact, assaults legally do not even require body contact.In a nutshell, service providers and feminist activists take a broad view of violence, as a symbol of male oppression of women.

Withholding money is seen as an act of violence, as is shouting or demeaning women.

Researchers concerned about family violence, on the other hand, take a narrower view of violence, limiting their focus to actual acts of physical violence.

The picture gets further confused when we see disparities between family conflict studies, on the one hand, and crime victimization surveys and police reports, on the other.

Family conflict researchers focus on assault, whether or not injury occurs.

Strauss explains why: From a social policy perspective, despite the much lower probability of physical injury resulting from attacks by women, one of the main reasons why "minor" assaults by women are such an important problem is that they put women in danger of much more severe retaliation by men.

Crime surveys and police reports focus on injury, "violence" or threats to safety.