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She holds a degree in acting performance from The University of Michigan and a certificate in Radio and Television Production and Performance from Specs Howard School of Broadcast Arts.Her faculty positions now include, The Actors Studio MFA program at Pace University, The School at Alvin Ailey and The New York Film Academy.

Her academic interests include acting methodologies, movement and the physical process of vocal production.Edge Studio oversees an international team of voice over experts, who help you start, build, and grow your voice over business.To find a coach who is right for you, use the filters below to select your preferences: A leading authority on voice-over and Chief Edge Officer of Edge Studio, David Goldberg has cast and directed thousands of voice-over productions.Soon after founding Edge Studio as a music-recording facility in 1988, David added spoken voice recording to its repertoire.In response to many clients asking him for voice over guidance, David wrote the first edition of the "Voice Over Technique Guidebook" in 1992.When out of the booth, she is still in the studio ...

the dance studio that is -- teaching and performing as an International Standard Ballroom Dancer.

Meyers Clean Day, Oldsmobile, Panasonic and Verizon.

Here at Edge Studio, she is a private instructor, as well as the instructor for Technique 101 workshops, How To Supplement Your Income With VO workshops, and our popular Acting of Voice Acting class.

She is an experienced live industrial narrator and works each season at The Brooklyn Academy of Music' Kids Film Festival in live interactive animation.

Her client list includes, Aetna Insurance, America Online, Fiat, Mc Afee, Mc Donalds, People PC, Timex, Tyco Toys, Mrs.

Youth Theatre, The Public Theatre, Classic Stage Company and Steps on Broadway.