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The damning police report, which is looking at why Sweden has the worst rates of physical and sexual violence committed against women and girls in Europe, has also excused refugees who it says “cannot handle the alcohol”.

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So, it's not necessarily a lights-down-sexy answer to get this problem licked as yet.Police had earlier been accused of ignoring sexual harassment at Stockholm music festival.But in this report police appeared to dismiss their responsibility and said investigating incidents in massive crowds was “difficult” because witnesses are not registering what is actually going on.Tracing historical as well as current understandings that contribute to shape discourses of sexual rights, this article aims to show how particular understandings of sexuality interact in the discursive production of Sweden as a modern, rational and liberal nation.Inspired by recent developments in queer theory, I engage in a broader critique of how understandings of sexuality intersect with notions of gender, class, “race”/ethnicity and national identity.Young Spanish couples are apparently too tired to give a ....

with long days at work and too many late nights being blamed for what experts say is one of the lowest birth rates in the developed world.

The Nordic country, with a population of 9.5million, received more than 160,000 asylum applications last year – the biggest influx in the EU as a proportion of the population.

And the country is expected to take as many as 190,000 refugees, or two per cent of the population, in 2016.

Not only is the birth rate for Spanish women aged 18 to 49 years just 1.3 children — well below the European Union level of 1.58 — but for the first time last year there were fewer births than deaths.

In fact, Spain's birth rate has fallen by 18 per cent since 2008, while the number of childless couples has tripled from 1.5 to 4.4 million between 19.

Police also admitted the majority of attacks have taken place in public places had been committed by migrants.